180 DEGREES provides out and in-patient treatment for people eighteen years and older who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex...

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About 180 Degrees

Restore 180 Degrees concepts limited is a professional addiction treatment centre that provides in-patient and out-patient treatment for people eighteen years and older who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, over the counter & prescription medication, sex, work & also offers trauma & crisis counseling, marriage & family counseling and family therapy.

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Our Vision

To become the hub for addictions rehabilitation centres on the African continent.

Treatment Programmes

Our multi-professional team assists people grow beyond addiction, and offers life skills training to enable them to regain control of their lives. Some of our Rehab treatment programmes include:

  • 24-hour medical care
  • Detoxification
  • Medical lectures
  • Health education
  • Psycho-social group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Development of life skills
  • Involvement of significant others
  • Couple/family sessions arranged
  • An aftercare programme
  • Stable security system
Treatment Features

Physical therapy

A patient’s individualized treatment plan is based on his or her history...

Medical consultancy

Identifies issues including Mental psychosis due to excessive drug intake.

Addiction therapy

Patients are taught what addiction really is and how to beat it.

Pastoral counseling

This is where the need for God is explored in the journey of recovery.

Marriage counseling

Couples are helped to recognize and resolve their conflicts

Crisis/ Trauma counseling

This intervention helps individuals cope and deal with crisis/trauma by offering assistance and support.


Jesus be Glorified now am free from the bondage of sexual addictions - blav

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